Can you please help with this survey?

In recent years extensive geotechnical and environmental sampling survey programs have been conducted in support of numerous coastal and marine development projects. The data generated from these surveys can play a key role in understanding the historic marine environment. However, to properly engage with this resource, it is important that the data collected, the types of analyses that can be undertaken, and the archaeological questions that can be answered are more widely understood by heritage managers, environmental sub-contractors and clients.

As part of this process COARS, University of Southampton, has been commissioned by English Heritage (as part of National Heritage Protection Plan project 6205) to undertake an audit of the current level of skill shortages that exist in relation to the use of seabed and sub-seabed sediment samples for marine geoarchaeology. This will permit a baseline understanding of practitioners’ knowledge, use of techniques, and the level of demand for training to be identified. A background in marine archaeology is not necessary to participate in the survey as the purpose is to identify different skill sets that exists across the many sectors that engage with coastal and marine development projects.

To participate in the survey please visit:

The survey will be available online until Sunday 8 June 2014. The results of this survey will be used to create a bespoke training course, meeting the identified skill shortages, which will take place at the University of Southampton in January 2015. We would be very grateful if you could circulate this email to any colleagues who might also like to participate.
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Dr Michael J. Grant

Coastal and Offshore Archaeological Research Services (COARS)
Ocean and Earth Science
National Oceanography Centre Southampton
University of Southampton