BS 8478; Recent Explosion!; Archaeology informs flood risk management; New aviation find; Loch Tay Logboat Project; Vacancies at the UK National Commission; ‘Family heirloom’ returned by divers; Recent near miss commercial diving incidents; Clapped in irons; Lyonesse


BS 8478

The HSE’s written views on British Standard BS 8478 Breathing Gases for Diving and Hyperbaric Applications are being circulated to MAG members.

Recent Explosion!

Explosion!, The Museum of Naval Firepower in Gosport, Hampshire remains open at weekends. This important museum was threatened by closure due to the withdrawal of local authority funding and the withdrawal of a developer from a waterfront development scheme at Priddy’s Hard. However, it is reported that the Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust, which owns the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, took over the running of the museum on 1 May.

Archaeology informs flood risk management

Work carried out by the University of Hull on the Hasholme logboat is contributing to the debate on flood risk management on Humberside.

New aviation find

Parks Canada have used an ROV to investigate what is thought to be the wreck of a US Army Air Force Consolidated Catalina flying boat in the estuary of the St. Lawrence in Canada.

Loch Tay Logboat Project

The Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust and the Scottish Crannog Centre have been constructing a replica of a Bronze Age logboat on Loch Tay under the guidance of Damian Goodburn. The vessel is based upon the Carpow logboat currently undergoing conservation at National Museums Scotland. Visitors are welcome until 29 August.

Vacancies at the UK National Commission

Committee members are sought for the UK National Commission for UNESCO. Closing date for applications is 7 September.

‘Family heirloom’ returned by divers

The Caernarfon Denbigh Herald reports that a silver pocket watch found on the 19th century wreck of the Barbara off Pembrokeshire has been returned to the family of the ship’s captain.

Recent near miss commercial diving incidents

The Association of Diving Contractors, the representative body for inshore and inland diving in the UK, has notified its members that there have been a number of incidents recently in which premixed cylinders of nitrox breathing gas have been found to have insufficient oxygen content to sustain safe diving. Association members are therefore being urged to ensure that they are taking appropriate precautions, such as checking the quality assurance procedures of suppliers and analysing the gas supplied before use.

Clapped in irons

A complete 17th or 18th century ball, chain and lock believed to have shackled a convict who drowned trying to escape has been found on the Thames foreshore near Rotherhithe.


Fieldwork for the Lyonesse Project, co-ordinated by Historic Environment Projects of Cornwall County Council and funded by English Heritage, will take place between 28 August and 12 September.