Trafficking Culture Encyclopaedia new maritime archaeology case studies, a website dedicated to collect evidence-based of looted cultural heritage has published two new case studies based on shipwrecks. One is the Belitung Shipwreck off the coast of Indonesia and the second is HMS Duke of Albany, a First World War vessel.

The Belitung shipwreck, a Ninth Century CE Arab dhow was commercially salvaged in 1998 and exhibited by the Smithsonian’s Sackler Gallery in 2011. The debate was in response to the salvage of the shipwreck which then was sold for $32 million USD in 2005 to the Sentosa Leisure Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Sentosa Development Corporation, an entity established by the government of Singapore. To read more go here.

The case of HMS Duke of Albany spins around the violation of the Protection of Military Remains Act 1986, when a porthole and an oval-shaped metal plate where extracted from the wreck in 2010. 

Both case studies figure under the ‘shipwreck’ section of the website’s encyclopaedia and can be read here



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