Health and Safety Update

The HSE has recommended to UK ministers that self-employed people whose work does not pose a risk of harm to others and who do not employ anyone, should be exempt from UK health and safety law, provided that they do not work in certain proscribed sectors, such as quarrying, agriculture, construction, offshore and gas fitting and installation work. No date has been set for implementation if agreed by ministers. 

Following the consultation on RIDDOR that closed in October 2012, the HSE has decided to recommend to ministers that employers should still be required to report both fatal and non-fatal accidents to members of the public. MAG understands that the requirement for self-employed workers to report injuries or illnesses that they may have is likely to be scrapped.

The HSE intends to recommend to the government that the Docks Regulations should be scrapped. A short ACOP on dock safety is likely to remain.

The HSE will recommend to ministers that the requirement for HSE approval of first aid training providers should be abolished by October 2013. If this change goes through then employers will in future be responsible for selecting a suitable training provider themselves.

Consultations will take place in May/June 2013 with regard to revised ACOPs for COSHH and the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations.


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