MAG AGM / Committee Election

The Maritime Affairs Group (MAG) provides a forum for practicing maritime archaeologists and advises IfA council on issues relevant to underwater sites, intertidal and nautical archaeology. MAG aims to: promote the advancement of maritime archaeological practice and individual professional development; promote greater understanding of maritime archaeology within the wider archaeological community through the publication of technical papers and guidance documents; and organise seminars and conferences to act as a forum for the development and maintenance of good practice in matters relating to maritime archaeology.

The MAG committee is currently seeking to elect a Chair, Treasurer and Secretary, and up to three ordinary members at the AGM. The AGM will be held on Tuesday, April 23, 2013 at 6:30pm (details of location to follow). Ideally, potential candidates would:

– Have a keen interest in one or more of the following: maritime heritage, archaeological practice, professional development, the development of guidance documents and legislation, organisation of CPD activities, seminars and conferences;
– Have time to commit to the committee – the committee normally meets three to four times per year, generally by conference call (as the current members of the group are based around the UK), with one face-to-face meeting per year. In addition to attending meetings, the ideal candidate would be someone who wants to become more involved in contributing to MAG activities.
– MAG committee members must be members of the IfA – at any grade.

Expectations re: other levels of commitment for activities. Please be realistic when considering nomination to the committee to ensure you have the time to contribute, especially if you are considering taking on a Chair/Treasurer/Secretary Post. In the past, those who have been able to commit time during working hours, ie appropriately within/as part of their employed post, have been particularly useful, especially in the roles of Chair.

Once nominations have been compiled, the final list of candidates will be forwarded to MAG members for consideration. Voting for the positions can either be done in-person at the MAG AGM, by e-mail or by postal vote.

To request a nomination form fill in the section below.


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