EH report

For 2012, Heritage Counts looked at the relationship between heritage and resilience: specifically, how those involved with heritage – public bodies, charitable organisations, businesses and private owners – are able to adapt to changing (economic) circumstances. Two pieces of research were commissioned to examine ‘resiliance’:

1. How heritage contributes to the resilience of the UK economy, and;
2. The factors which allow heritage organisations to cope with change over time.

Key points of note from the research included: i) the growth in interest in heritage from consumers and tourists, both nationally and internationally (i.e. visiting a heritage site), ii) the role that heritage can play in urban development and in generating economic activity (think, for example, of diver trails contributing to a local economy; air fills, B&B etc) and iii) the contribution that heritage can make to low-carbon and green agendas (i.e. re-use of derelict Listed buildings).

Full details, plus the research reports, are all available here:


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