Archaeological community concerned about HMS Victory management

During the last few months the world of maritime archaeology has revolved around the controversial decision of the MoD to allow Odyssey Marine Exploraions to manage the archaeological site of the 18th Century HMS Victory.

Two days ago, Belinda Sepplings published a column on The Art Newspaper, where maritime archaeology experts on cultural management and research had made their voices heard over the ‘obscure’ nature of the recently founded charitable body ‘The Maritime Heritage Foundation’. There is a general fear, in the cultural management world, that this new founded body could be a platform for the future profit of the recovered archaeological remains from the site.

On the other hand, members of Odyssey Marine Explorations have argued that their company is the most experienced body in the world on deep-sea archaeological exploration. According to Sepplings’ clolumn, Sean Kingsley, advisor of Odyssey, commented that the UNESCO convention has little weight on the way maritime heritage gets managed, due to its quality as a set of recommendations and that there are moral responsibilities above the agreements of the international document.

Read Belinda Sepplings full article


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