Perfectly preserved Bronze Age logboats near Peterborough

Over three thousand years ago the inhabitants of a small southeast fenland community were skilled boat builders, enjoyed fishing, and practised a method of eel trapping still in use today in East Anglia.

Mark Knight, senior project officer for Cambridge Archaeological Unit, said: “It’s archaeology like it’s never been preserved before.”

The incredibly detailed picture of Bronze Age life discovered on the River Nene, at Must Farm quarry, Whittlesey, has everything from well preserved boats, spears and swords to clothing and jewellery as well as carved bowls and pots still full of food, making it one of the most significant sites of its kind ever found in Britain.

To celebrate the archaeologists who worked on this exciting excavation, uncovering the fragile remains for further conservation and future study, Past Horizons has put together a series of photographs featuring them at work on-site. The images were taken by Cambridge Archaeological Unit photographer Dave Webb as part of the archaeological record.

Go to Past Horizons to read original document and to see the photos


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