EH Military Aircraft Crash Sites guidance feedback

Over the coming months English Heritage intends to review its 2002 guidance note Military Aircraft Crash Sites: Archaeological Guidance on their Significance and Management. Following further discussion with key stakeholders such as the Joint Casualty & Compassionate Centre, the Royal Air Force Air Historical Branch, and the Royal Air Force Museum, English Heritage revised the guidance in 2012. Whilst the original document was one of high popularity, much has changed since it was originally issued, and continuing demand from both the public and professional archaeologists for information on this aspect of 20th century heritage makes revision timely.

Therefore English Heritage is looks for some feedback from either groups regarding the document. Particularly the following issues

  • Are there topics in the existing guidance document that you would like to see expanded, or are there areas where you feel more information or links would be useful?
  • Do you feel that the guidance is helpful, or if not, how could it be improved? Are there errors in the original document?

Comments should be sent by Monday February 6th 2012 using the email address:

Alternatively, you can respond by post using the address: Military Aircraft Crash Sites Archaeological Guidance Consultation Government Advice Team English Heritage 1 Waterhouse Square 138-142 Holborn London EC1N 2ST

Looking further ahead, as part of the National Heritage Protection Plan, English Heritage will also be developing a project together with partners in local Historic Environment Records and volunteers to gather data on aircraft crash sites. Initially this will be focusing on selected trial areas to test and develop a suitable methodology. 

If you require an alternative accessible version of this document (for instance in audio, Braille or large print) please contact our Customer Services Department: Telephone: 0870 333 1181 Fax: 01793 414926 Textphone: 0800 015 0516 E-mail:


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