Bermuda anniversary special; Northern Ireland Monuments and Buildings Record ‘closed’; Thames Foreshore Forum 2011; Appeal against redevelopment of 19th century historic dock won; More maritime archaeology on telly; Search for more marbles; Adopt a Wreck Award; Vladimir Putin, maritime archaeologist; HMS Victory goes shopping

Bermuda anniversary special 

A special issue of the journal Post-Medieval Archaeology celebrates archaeology in Bermuda on the eve of the island’s 400th anniversary. There are a number of papers of interest to maritime archaeologists: 

  • ‘The Western Ledge Reef Wreck: continuing research on the late 16th-/early 17th century Iberian shipwreck fromBermuda’;
  • ‘The Warwick: results of the survey of the early 17th-century Virginia Company ship’;
  • ‘Ships, slaves and slipways: towards an archaeology of shipbuilding in Bermuda’. 

Northern Ireland Monumentsand Buildings Record ‘closed’ 

As Blog readers may already know, the Monuments and Buildings Record, the Northern Ireland equivalent of the NMR and NMRS run by the Northern Ireland Environment Agency, has been ‘closed’ due to budget cuts. NIEA staff are attempting to answer queries as and when they can but cannot deal with large scale requests. 

Enquirors are instead being directed to the NIEA’s website where it says that ‘much of the information in the SMR is available’. An SMR database can be accessed with individual site and GIS layer downloads. Go to:

Maritime records are handled by the University of Ulster and search requests can be sent to them. 

Thames Foreshore Forum 2011 

Will take place on 17-18 September 2011. 

Appeal against redevelopment of 19th century historic dock won

An appeal supported by National Historic Ships against the proposed redevelopment of the Grade II listed Richmond Dock in Appledore, Devon, has been won. The dock, constructed in the middle of the 19th century and said at the time to be the largest dry dock in the Bristol Channel area, was in use for ship building and repair until the early 1980s.

More maritime archaeology on telly 

The 17th century wreck of the English warship London in the Thames Estuary is the latest shipwreck site to star in a national television feature. BBC One’s One Show will broadcast a feature on the female human remains found on the wreck on 30th August. 

Search for more marbles 

A further Australian-funded investigation of the wreck of the Mentor, sunk near Kythira in 1802 as it transported marbles from the Parthenon to London, has failed to find any more pieces of the famous frieze.  

Adopt a Wreck Award 

The 2011 award scheme run by the Nautical Archaeology Society for divers closes for nominations on 1st September. 

Vladimir Putin, maritime archaeologist 

The Russian prime minister has visited the excavation of a submerged 6th century Greek settlement site at Taman Bay. Mr Putin dived on the site and “to everyone’s utter surprise” discovered two vase-like vessels.

HMS Victory goes shopping 

A full size replica of Nelson’s HMS Victory has reportedly been built in a giant new shopping centre in Wuxi,China.


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