The future of the Victory site; Camel Estuary; Heritage Counts Survey 2011; ‘Exploring the Secrets of the Seabed’; SPLASHCOS now on Facebook; MAG Spring Bulletin; Next Committee Meeting


The future of the Victory wreck site

The Ministry of Defence and DCMS have issued their report on the public consultation on options for the management of the wreck site of HMS Victory (1744). 

The report states that the Government has decided to adopt a “phased approach” to the management of the site. It goes on to say that “In line with the provisions of the rules of the Annex to the UNESCO Convention, in situ management will be adopted as an initial approach pending further study of the site, before deciding on any further physical intervention”. The document states that the approach is informed by Coalition Government policies and specifically mentions the ‘Big Society’. 

The report states that it is unlikely that Government money will be available to support the policy and that therefore it has decided to support the proposal to place responsibility for the future management of the Victory site in the hands of a charitable trust. An interdepartmental steering group will be looking into this. In the meantime it says that it intends to accept the offer of an unnamed charitable foundation to carry out non-intrusive monitoring of the site for the period of twelve months.

Co-incidentally the immensely important HMS Victory in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard has recently started a major program of repair and renewal. 

Camel Estuary 

The ADS, English Heritage and Cornwall County Council have announced the release of the Camel Estuary Wreck report. This project presents the results of the emergency recording and undesignated site assessment of the possible wreck of the barque Antoinette, Camel Estuary, Padstow. 

Heritage Counts Survey 2011 

English Heritage’s 2011 Heritage Counts survey is underway & will collect data on funding & participation. Heritage volunteers are being asked to contribute their success stories via Twitter, Facebook & Flickr. 

‘Exploring the Secrets of the Seabed’ 

An international team of researchers is about to undertake a major programme of marine survey and analysis around Ireland, partly to establish whether Ireland was ever joined to Britain by a land bridge. The project, funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) to the tune of almost a million pounds, involves systematic assessment of geological evidence on the seabed at sites all around the Irish Sea offshore off  Bantry Bay, Waterford, Cardigan Bay, Drogheda, Morecambe Bay and Belfast Lough. 

SPLASHCOS now on Facebook 

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MAG Spring Bulletin 

The MAG Spring Bulletin has been circulated to members by e-mail and will shortly be available for download from the MAG Blog. If you missed out and can’t wait then please contact the MAG Secretary. 

Next Committee Meeting 

The next MAG Committee meeting will take place on 23 August. Let a committee member know if you are an IfA/MAG member with a subject for possible discussion.


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