Government cuts latest; Maritime related HLF grants


Government cuts latest

According to a leaked Cabinet Office list of 26 August obtained by the BBC and now published on the web, proposed changes to NDPBs (quangos for the uninitiated) that may be of particular interest to members include: 

  • Subject to an assessment of business case, the merger of English Heritage, the Heritage Lottery Fund and the National Heritage Memorial Fund is being “considered”. MAG Blog understood a little while ago that EH staff thought that this option had been ruled out earlier in the year, but rumours have been circulating in the heritage community and this new document appears to confirm that it may now be back as the government’s favoured option.
  • As previously announced, the MLA is to be abolished (rumours are currently circulating in the museum community that museums will subsequently come under the Arts Council).
  • The future of the 16 national museums under DCMS and the 3 national museums under the Ministry of Defence (the National Army Museum, the RAF Museum and the National Museum of the Royal Navy) is “still to be decided”.
  • The Advisory Committee on Historic Wreck Sites is to be abolished and its functions transferred to EH.
  • The Advisory Committee on National Historic Ships is to be abolished and its functions transferred to “a museum”.
  • British Waterways is to be abolished as an NDPB and mutualised. The Inland Waterways Advisory Council is to be abolished. The future of the Health and Safety Executive, Natural England, JNCC and the Environment Agency are all “still to be decided”. 

The Museums Journal reported on the possible merger between EH and HLF on 25 August. HLF has issued a press release on the leak. 

National Historic Ships has made the following response: 

“Following the release of erroneous information with regard to the future of National Historic Ships in the Daily Telegraph and on Radio 4, the director has been in discussions with DCMS officials who have re-confirmed that National Historic Ships is to continue as a ‘de-classified body’ undertaking its present function and role as ‘the official voice for historic vessels in the United Kingdom’. The statement set out on our website on 29 July therefore remains our position.  For more information please visit:”

Maritime related HLF grants

The National Museum of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth is amongst several projects given a first round pass by the HLF and the go-ahead to work up plans for new exhibitions on the Navy in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Proposals to restore the SS Nomadic, the Titanic’s tender have also received development funding.

ALSF themed conference

There are still tickets left for the EH/IfA funded conference on the ALSF on 4 October in London. Contact the IfAfor details.


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