Cornish Maritime History Conference 2010; Mariner’s Mirror; UNESCO convention news; Advisory Committee report available to download; Titanic sized salvage award; HLF Funded IfA Workplace Bursary Scheme; ALGAO Maritime news; State of Victoria launches shipwrecks website; Mystery object in the Thames; HMS Investigator; ss Robin; English maritime research framework news; Summer reading anyone?


Cornish Maritime History Conference 2010

This biennial conference will take place on Saturday 16 October at the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth. Contact the organisers for more information.

Mariner’s Mirror

There is an article in the note section of the August issue of The Mariner’s Mirror by John Lippiett on the new Mary Rose museum. In the same issue is a note on developments at the National Museum of the Royal Navy, the Society for Nautical Research’s response to the DCMS consultation on the1744 wreck of HMS Victory and reports on recent work carried out in Portsmouth on its rather more important namesake.

UNESCO convention news

Argentina and Trinidad & Tobago are reported to have brought the number of signatories to thirty three.

Advisory Committee report available to download

The ACHWS Annual Report for 2009 is available for download.

Titanic sized salvage award

A US court has awarded an exhibitions company $110m for salvaging artefacts from the wreck of the RMS Titanic.

HLF Funded IfA Workplace Bursary Scheme

A new one year HLF funded IfA workplace bursary is being offered for maritime archaeological work. Closing date for applications is 6 September 2010.

ALGAO Maritime news

ALGAO has published a response to the Consultation on the establishment of Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Districts and their Authorities (DEFRA 2010).

State of Victoria launches shipwrecks website

The Australian state has launched an online catalogue of 2000 images showing the work undertaken over the last 30 years.

Mystery object in the Thames

The BBC has reported on a mystery object found by the port of London Authority on the Thames riverbed.

HMS Investigator

A Parks Canada video of the wreck is available on You Tube.

ss Robin

The important historic cargo steamer ss Robin is still looking for a home and the BBC is consulting the public to get ideas on where it could go.

English maritime research framework news

The EH funded research framework is now entering the last lap and is currently scheduled for publication in spring 2011.

Summer reading anyone?

A new EH HPR Newsletter has been published.


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