MAG Spring Bulletin available to download; News from National Historic Ships; Post-Med fieldwork database now on-line; New job; Archaeological Archives; American shipwreck news; Chinese finds; Frank Goddio back in Alexandria; Rare aircraft finds


MAG Spring Bulletin

Is now available to download from this website.

News from National Historic Ships

NHS has launched the Shipshape Network, a new initiative to promote skills relating to historic vessel conservation.

Post_Med fieldwork database now on-line


New job

Orkney College is seeking a marine archaeologist. The closing date for applications for this three year post is 28 June.

Archaeological Archives

The Archaeological Archive Forum has produced new guidance and a policy statement on the development of Archaeological Resource Centres.

American shipwreck news

The Yukon government has designated the A.J. Goddard, a Gold Rush-era sternwheeler steamboat found on the bottom of Lake Laberge last year, a historic site.

Read more about it at:

Meanwhile in North Carolina archaeologists from East Carolina University are studying the remains of an early 17th century ship found on the foreshore.

Chinese finds

Archaeologists in China are reported to have found 32 new archaeological sites off the strategic and sensitive Hsisha Islands.

Frank Goddio back in Alexandria

A further season of work on submerged ancient Alexandria is reported to have begun.

Rare aircraft finds in UK territorial waters

Following geophysical survey in 2008 and 2009, a Dornier 17 German bomber, probably lost during the Battle of Britain and found a few years ago by a local diver investigating a net fastening, has recently been assessed by an archaeological diving team. The Dornier 17, one of the major aircraft of the Battle of Britain, was previously believed to be an ‘extinct’ aircraft type and this well preserved wreck therefore represents an important discovery. Rumours are circulating of the discovery of a less well preserved Do17 somewhere off the south coast and part of a Dornier tail fin was recently recovered from a Kent beach.


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