Heritage Reform Newsletter; Armada tapestry; Uncertain future for UK’s historic inland waterways; The origins of commercial sea fishing; England’s Historic Seascapes; Boats that built Britain; Closing date for World Heritage site consultation; Thames Discovery Programme; Seasearch News; Lead from shipwreck used in nuclear experiments; Wrecksite website; Historic Ships – the Survivors; Jesus Boat


Heritage Reform Newsletter

English Heritage has published a PPS5 lead edition of its HPR newsletter.

Armada tapestry

The painted recreation of Lord Howard’s Tudor Armada tapestries for the UK’s House of Lords is the subject of a documentary on the BBC Parliament channel that is still available on the BBC i-Player.

Uncertain future for UK’s historic inland waterways

The Council for British Archaeology is reporting that the government is planning to transfer the UK’s canal network from British Waterways to a mutual organisation such as a charitable trust. 

The origins of commercial sea fishing

A collaborative research project to investigate the medieval origins of commercial sea fishing has been undertaken. This HMAP project involves a wide range of individuals and institutions in a number of European countries and is funded by the Leverhulme Trust.

In 2008 the project led to the development of a new technique for identifying where fish were caught in the Medieval period based on the analysis of cod bones.

England’s Historic Seascapes

The results of the Withernsea to Skegness ALSF project, part of the ongoing Seascapes initiative, are now available on the Archaeological Data Service website.

Boats that built Britain

The National Maritime Museum’s Boats that Built Britain exhibition and associated events opens on 8 May. The exhibition explores Britain’s relationship with the sea from the 15-20th centuries and runs alongside the BBC 4 series of the same name, part of the BBC’s Sea Fever Season.

Closing date for World Heritage site consultation

The consultation period in advance of the drafting of the UK’s new ‘Tentative List’ of natural, cultural and mixed sites for potential nomination for inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List closes on 11 June. The list will then be submitted to UNESCO in 2011. How about a maritime cultural landscape? The Goodwin Sands? Shetland and Fair Isle?

Thames Discovery Programme

The latest TDP newsletter is now available.

Seasearch News

A new March 2010 newsletter is now available from Seasearch.

Lead from shipwreck used in nuclear experiments

Italian nuclear physicists have funded the excavation of a 50 BC Roman shipwreck off Sardinia in return for some of the ultra-low radioactive lead ingots found there.

Wrecksite website

A number of improvements to the service offered by this website have been announced.

Historic Ships – the Survivors

A new book by Paul Brown that attempts to paint a picture of the variety and richness of historic vessel survivals has been published by Amberley.

Jesus Boat

Yes, see for yourself!


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