Dover Bronze Age Boat public lecture; Forthcoming EH maritime themed selection guide; Grey literature survey; US recognises the importance of a crashed airship wreck; New UK maritime archaeology jobs; Rescue Dig of the Year; HMS Victory animations; Swash Channel wreck


Dover Bronze Age Boat public lecture

The Trust for Thanet Archaeology has invited Peter Clark, Deputy Director of Canterbury Archaeological Trust to talk on ‘The Dover Boat and the Channel Bronze Age: Past, Present and Future’ on 11 March at 19:00 (for 19:30) at the Broadstairs Campus of Canterbury Christ Church University, Westwood Road, Broadstairs, Kent. Admission is £4.00, with proceeds going to the Trust for Thanet Archaeology and the Dover Bronze Age Boat Project.

Forthcoming EH maritime themed selection guide

MAG is currently responding to the consultation draft of English Heritage’s Pre-Industrial Vessels Selection Guide. The final document should be made available on English Heritage’s website in due course.

Grey literature survey

The Archaeological Data Service is currently undertaking a short project for English Heritage reviewing holdings of so-called ‘grey literature’ within HERs, contracting units and other archaeological bodies.

Their ‘short’ 20-25 minute on-line survey can be done anonymously or could win you an iPod Touch.

US recognises the importance of a crashed airship wreck

The wreck of the USS Macon, which crashed in the Pacific south of San Francisco in 1935 has been added to the US’s National Register of Historic Places.

New UK maritime archaeology jobs

Wessex Archaeology is advertising for several new staff for its Coastal & Marine section. See BAJR for details. The closing date is 24 February.

Rescue Dig of the Year

Two maritime-related excavation projects are in the hunt for Current Archaeology’s annual award.

HMS Victory animations

Students at Southampton University have created animations of parts of HMS Victory, including the chain pump and the cutter, as part of a long term project to create a high resolution computer model of the ship.

Swash Channel wreck

Staff from Bournemouth University’s School of Conservation Sciences are currently seeking substantial funding from English Heritage in order to excavate part of this designated wreck. Discovered in 2004 on the edge of the Swash Channel off Poole in Dorset and currently used by the university for teaching and research purposes, the 17th century wreck has so far defied all attempts to identify it.


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