MAG Committee places up for grabs; Rapid Coastal Zone Assessment rapidly progressing; Historic Seascape Characterisation; Cutty Sark latest; Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authorities; Oldest seafaring?; UNESCO Convention news; Bronze Age mystery stumps museum staff; Shipworm threatens Baltic maritime heritage; Damien Hirst – ‘treasure hunter’


MAG Committee places up for grabs

An e-mail will be circulated among MAG members this week asking for nominations for two MAG Committee posts. Elections for these posts will take place at the MAG AGM, to be held at the IfA 2010 Annual Conference in Southport in April.

Mark Dunkley of English Heritage will be standing down from the committee, whilst Paola Palma will be standing for re-election. The committee would like to thank Mark for the contribution he has made to its work during the last few years. Your update editor would also like to thank Mark as the chief contributor of news for the update.

Rapid Coastal Zone Assessment rapidly progressing

A thousand new archaeological sites, including wrecks, are reported to have been identified as a result of the Rapid Coastal Zone Assessment undertaken of the North East coast.

Historic Seascape Characterisation

Following the finalisation of a nationally applicable HSC methodology in 2008, further EH funded characterisation studies are now underway for the Bristol Channel and Severn Estuary and for the English Channel between Hastings and Purbeck.

Cutty Sark latest

The final parts of the £46 million funding package are now in place. Repair and conservation of the fire damaged ship is therefore expected to be completed at Greenwich next year.

Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authorities

Candidates for MMO member appointments are now being sought.

Oldest seafaring?

The existence of Lower Palaeolithic seafaring has been inferred from finds made during an archaeological survey in Crete.

UNESCO Convention news

Italy ratified the convention on 8th January, bringing the total number of ratifying nations to 30.

Bronze Age mystery stumps museum staff

The central stump from the Bronze Age oak circle known as ‘Seahenge’ is to go on display with the 55 outer timbers of the circle at Lynn Museum in King’s Lynn, Norfolk this summer. The museum closed in January to enable the installation to be carried out and will re-open in about four months.

Shipworm threatens Baltic maritime heritage

Researchers at the University of Gothenburg are reporting that shipworm is spreading into the Baltic, threatening the sea’s rich and well preserved shipwreck heritage.

Damien Hirst – ‘treasure hunter’

One of the world’s most famous contemporary artists is reported to be planning to excavate the wreck of the ‘Unbelievable‘, an imaginary treasure ship.


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