IfA Conference 2010; British warship wrecks overseas; 17th century Dutch merchant ship found off Brazil; Newport Ship replica model; HSE; Seasearch; Minoan Shipwreck; SWMAG


IfA Conference 2010

The maritime session conference abstract on in situ preservation is available to view or download from the IfA website.

British warship wrecks overseas

A summary document of the papers delivered at the “Shared Heritage: Joint Responsibilities in the Management of British Warship Wrecks Overseas” seminar in July 2008 is now available from English Heritage’s website.

17th century Dutch merchant ship found off Brazil

A Hungarian organisation called Octopus Association for Marine Archaeology is claiming that it has found, in collaboration with the Brazilian navy, the Dutch fluyt (flyboat) Voetboog that sank in 1700 off the coast of Pernambuco State. Various claims are being made with regard to the value of the cargo being carried by the vessel.

Newport Ship replica model

A model of the Newport Ship is being built under the four year ShipShape project led by the University of Wales Lampeter. Innovative engineering support is being provided by Cardiff University.


The HSE has reviewed diver exposure to noise. The results are available to download online.

MAG also understands that a review of the UK’s diving ACOPs will begin in 2010. The number of ACOPs could be reduced as a result, with one possible outcome being a single document applying to all sectors. The justification for having a separate Archaeological & Scientific ACOP is likely to be the subject of review.


The new Seasearch newsletter is being circulated to members.

Minoan Shipwreck

The current issue of the US magazine Archaeology is reporting on the first Minoan shipwreck found.


The South West Maritime Archaeological Group has launched a website.


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