UK Marine Science Strategy consultation; Building Victory; Conserving Marine Cultural Heritage; More OME publicity; NW Passage; Holidaymaker finds ‘lost city’; Maritime Information Association



UK Marine Science Strategy consultation

DEFRA are consulting on the draft UK Marine Science Strategy. You have until

DEFRA would be particularly interested to have suggestions for the “high impact” issues that could be considered under the proposed “alignment review”, views on what stakeholders might do to assist in the Strategy’s delivery and ideas for further actions for the future. Comments can be e-mailed to the MSCC shared mailbox .

DEFRA are holding three regional meetings. Contact them asap if you wish to attend.

Building Victory

The Naval Dockyards Society are holding a conference at the Royal Naval Museum in Portsmouth on 7 November entitled Building Victory: Mid-18th Century Naval Warfare – Roles of Dockyards and Shipbuilding. See their website for more details.

Conserving Marine Cultural Heritage

The Institute of Archaeology, University College London has announced the publication of a special issue of the journal Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites (Maney) entitled ‘Conserving Marine Cultural Heritage’. The journal is available online.

More OME publicity

Odyssey Marine Exploration continue to push their interest in the Victory with the media.

NW Passage

Robert Grenier, the senior marine archaeologist at the Canadian parks service, has delivered a lecture at the National Maritime Museum Greenwich on his latest discoveries about Franklin’s 1845 expedition to find the North West Passage.

Holidaymaker finds ‘lost city’

Dr Lucy Blue of Southampton University is to investigate a large submerged building with monumental columns found off Montenegro by a young British holidaymaker.

Maritime Information Association

The MIA offers an online forum to promote networking amongst those with an interest in maritime and naval affairs.


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