Consultation on the future of the Victory wreck planned; Climate change and heritage; Nautical Archaeology Society



Consultation on the future of the Victory wreck planned

Baroness Taylor has announced that the MOD and DCMS will be jointly undertaking a consultation on the approach to be taken towards the 1744 wreck of the Victory.

Baroness Taylor said:

“Following a Royal Navy survey vessel’s survey of the site in July, we will be releasing a detailed analysis of the wreck site.  Due to the unique importance of this wreck for naval heritage, the MOD and DCMS will jointly be engaging in a process of consultation on the approaches that should be adopted for this wreck.”

The RN/MOD website states:

“Recognising the Rules to the Annex of the UNESCO Convention on Underwater Cultural Heritage as representing best practice in underwater archaeology, we will be encouraging all of those with an interest in British naval heritage and underwater archaeology to contribute.”

The consultation process will start towards the end of the year. It is understood that the Government’s strategy for the wreck does not currently rule out the recovery of more of the ship’s armament.

A salvage award that is reported to have been $160,000 has been made in respect of the two guns previously recovered from the site. The warrant for the arrest of the wreck filed in a US court by the American salvage company OME has been dismissed by agreement. OME are reported to be intending to participate in the consultation process and are apparently still claiming that a huge quantity of bullion may have been on board the ship at the time of its loss.

Climate change and heritage

Oxford University’s Department for Continuing Education will be running a one day course in Oxford entitled Climate Change and the Historic Environment: Confronting the Issues on Friday 15 January 2010. Further details can be obtained from the Department’s website.

Nautical Archaeology Society

The NAS will be holding their annual one day conference on 7 November in Portsmouth. Further details from their website.


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