Coastal change consultation; National Small Boat Register; National Historic Ships research; New website; Coastal erosion threatens Scotland’s heritage; Historic ammunition found in garden; ‘Britain’s Atlantis’; Jobs; Call for papers; Naval Dockyards Society


Coastal change consultation

A government consultation is inviting views on a new draft policy setting out a planning framework for the continuing economic and social viability of coastal communities. It is part of the wider package of consultations intended to deliver sustainable coastal risk management. An associated conference is to be held on 15 September in London.

National Small Boat Register

Preserved historic vessels under 33 feet in length in the UK are listed under the National Maritime Museum Cornwall’s growing National Small Boat Register.

National Historic Ships

National Historic Ships is undertaking quantitative research to analyse the contribution historic vessels make to the UK’s economy.

New website

The International Centre for Underwater Archaeology in Zadar, Croatia has a new website.

Coastal erosion threatens Scotland’s heritage

The BBC has been reporting on the threat that coastal erosion is posing to archaeological sites around Scotland’s coast, including Skara Brae.

Historic ammunition found in garden

The BBC has also reported the discovery of what may be 18th century naval ammunition in a garden in Morven in the Scottish Highlands. The far from retired and still very active maritime archaeologist Dr Colin Martin is quoted as saying that the bar shot could have been from HMS Terror or HMS Princess Anne, as they attacked Morven in the run up to the Battle of Culloden in 1746.

‘Britain’s Atlantis’

A Radio 4 documentary chronicling some recent discoveries concerning submerged landscapes is available on the BBC iPlayer. The presenter is Francis Pryor.


The International Fieldschool for Maritime Archaeology Flevoland (IFMAF) is reported to be seeking a junior researcher.

Call for papers

The eighteenth New Researchers in Maritime History Conference will take place at the University of Exeter, from 12-13 March 2010. The conference provides an opportunity for those who have recently become engaged in research in maritime history (broadly defined) to present a twenty minute paper.

A call for papers has been issued. For more information contact the organisers.

Naval Dockyards Society

NDS will be holding a conference on 7 November at the RN Museum in Portsmouth on the roles of dockyards and shipbuilding in mid-18th century warfare.

New books

Contiuum UK has published The English Coast. A History and a Prospect by Peter Murphy. This book, rrp £60 (but very substantially discounted by Amazon and others), examines the interaction between people and the English coast, from 700,000 BP to the present day.

The beautifully illustrated Ships and Shipping in Medieval Manuscripts by Joe Flatman has been published by the British Library at £30. You can listen to Joe talking about his new book on a British Library podcast at


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