ROV field training; Prins Willem; Purton Hulks; Have you read…


ROV field training

From 4-11 October 2009, an international interdisciplinary field training project in underwater robotics and applications will take place at Murter, Croatia on the Middle Adriatic. Maritime archaeologists are welcome.

Prins Willem

The reconstruction of Dutch East Indiaman Prins Willem, anchored in the Dutch harbour town Den Helder, has been destroyed by a fire.

Purton Hulks

The Friends of Purton will be excavating the Harriet, the only surviving example of a Kennet barge built at Honeystreet in 1905 and beached in 1964.

Working with Cotswold Archaeology on the 19th-20th September 2009, Nautical Archaeology Society members wishing to join the excavation should contact Malcolm Holden of the Friends of Purton.

Have you read…

…Mark Johnson on the historic timber-built coastal piers of Yorkshire in the Spring 2009 edition of Yorkshire Archaeology Today?

…Andrew Burn on the marine transgression threat to the monastic precinct at Cockersand Abbey, Lancashire in the Spring 2009 edition of English Heritage’s Research News?

…Oxford Archaeology North on the excavation of the 1715 Old Dock, the world’s first enclosed commercial wet dock in the latest edition of Current Archaeology?

…Gordon Le Pard on the possible medieval lighthouse or sea mark at The Chantry in Dridport, Dorset in the 2008 Proceedings of the Dorset Natural History and Archaeology Society?

…Janet MacDonald on the introduction of iron water tanks in the Royal Navy in the current issue of The Mariner’s Mirror


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