Research Framework for England; Benchmarking Competency; PastScape; Underwater Discoveries; Facebook; New mammoth finds; Thames Discovery Programme; Iran in the news; New NAS newsletter; New work in the western Solent; Heritage Protection Bill; New wreck for Dorset?; Liverpool’s Old Dock; SS Robin; Vinland Map; The Firebrand


Research Framework for England

The project to devise a new research framework for coastal and maritime archaeology in England is now well underway following a successful meeting of the period working groups in Winchester.

Benchmarking Competency

The Nautical Archaeology Society has published their long awaited report into what makes someone a competent maritime archaeologist. The report makes a number of recommendations that will no doubt spark some debate.


A number of changes to English Heritage’s PastScape website have been made to improve searches for maritime sites and the amount of information displayed about them. Further details in the next update.

Underwater Discoveries

As a riposte to the for-profit salvors who have been making the news recently, the current issue of ‘Archaeology’ magazine highlights important discoveries made by underwater archaeologists.


A new Facebook group has been set up in order to encourage the British Government to pledge that it will oppose profit-led salvage of archaeological sites.

To become a member of the Group, you’ll need to have a Facebook account, and then navigate to:

New mammoth finds

Recent discoveries of mammoth bones by Dutch trawlers have been reported by the Independent newspaper.

Thames Discovery Programme

The latest newsletter is now available from their website.

Iran in the news

Iran has become the 26th country to ratify the 2001 UNESCO Convention.

New NAS newsletter

A new edition of the NAS Newsletter is now available to members.

New work in the western Solent

The Hampshire and Wight Trust for Maritime Archaeology has been carrying out further work at the prehistoric Bouldner Cliff site. You can download a compilation of project videos from the Trust’s website.

Heritage Protection Bill

Concerns over the bill being again left out of the government’s legislative plans are discussed in The Architects’ Journal.

New wreck for Dorset?

Planners wanting to sink an old warship off Dorset’s Portland Harbour are having to consider a different site, following an objection from the MoD.

Liverpool’s Old Dock

The 2001 evaluation of Liverpool’s oldest dock is featured in Current Archaeology’s latest issue.

SS Robin

The SS Robin Trust is looking for new trustees to join its management board.

Vinland Map

The controversial Vinland Map is again in the news.

The Firebrand

In August CISMAS will be undertaking further recording work on the wreck of the Firebrand, a fire-ship lost in 1707 when Sir Cloudesley Shovell’s fleet was wrecked on the Isles of Scilly. See the project website for further details.


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