MAG AGM reminder; Theft convictions; Rapid Coastal Zone Assessment Surveys; The Rising Tide; Thames Discovery Programme news; MAD about Swash again; Court to decide on the fate of Titanic artefacts; Emergency recompression for divers; MV City of Rayville; The Ghostwreck; General Carleton






MAG AGM reminder


The MAG AGM will take place on Wednesday 8th April at the IfA Conference in Torquay. It will follow the MAG session and is expected to run from 12:45-13:00. The AGM will be chaired by Julie Satchell who is standing in for the unavailable Virginia Dellino-Musgrave, who sends her apologies.


Theft convictions


Three British divers have been convicted of illegally removing artefacts from the wreck of the Don Pedro off Galicia in Spain. They received suspended prison sentences.


Rapid Coastal Zone Assessment Surveys

This English Heritage programme has been developed to provide the evidence base for management of the coastal historic environment in England, providing information that can feed into Shoreline Management Plans, besides being useful for development control and academic research.  Surveys have been completed, or are in progress, for most of the English coast, apart from south-west England.  A background to the surveys and all reports completed so far are available on


It is intended that the basic data-sets will also be made available through the Archaeological Data Service, but for the time being only results from the most recent surveys are available.


The Rising Tide


Caroline Wickham-Jones and S Dawson have issued an interim report on work carried out on past sea level change in Orkney in 2008-9.


Work in 200910 focuses the investigation of anomalies in the Bay of Firth, the submerged landscape of Longhope and Flotta and further sediment analysis and dating of cores from Stenness, Harray and Waulkmill Bay.


Thames Discovery Programme news


The March-June 2009 Newsletter can now be downloaded.


MAD about Swash again


A leaflet for Bournmouth University’s Maritime Archaeology Day on 2nd May is now available on their website.


Court to decide on the fate of Titanic artefacts


A U.S. District Court is shortly to rule on the fate of 5,900 artefacts salvaged from the wreck of the Titanic.


Emergency recompression for divers


In certain circumstances, diving contractors in the UK must provide on-site emergency recompression facilities, in other words a recompression chamber and personnel competent to operate it and deliver treatment to a casualty.


The HSE is now consulting with various commercial diving industry groups about a possible change in these requirements. This follows a recent Society for Underwater Technology submission to the HSE which suggested that a better average outcome might be achieved if casualties entered the NHS emergency system instead. The information reaching your Update compiler suggests that the industry is broadly supportive of the SUT case, whilst acknowledging that some diving operations will still have to have access to a chamber on-site for immediate emergency use.


MV City of Rayville


The wreck of the first US ship lost in World War II has been found during a project to map the seafloor off the coast off the state of Victoria in Australia.


The Ghostwreck


A short article on the work carried out on this 17th century Baltic wreck is now available on the MACHU website. The MACHU Report No 2 is now also available.


General Carleton


A monograph on the investigation of this 18th century Whitby vessel lost off the Polish coast is now available from the Polish Maritime Museum.


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