HMS Victory controversy, Google dives under the sea, Sizewell boat, U/W survey off the Albanian coast, Venetian galley, More on the job losses, Elizabethan ‘Superguns’, Royal Navy Launches centenary of naval aviation, Danton discovery, UNESCO, International Conference on Remote Sensing in Archaeology, Kent Archaeological Field School, Privateer’s booty to help fund sports event? More Atlantis disappointment


HMS Victory controversy

As the controversy on Odyssey’s latest claim grows, there have been the following developments that may be of interest to members:


Odyssey’s report on their preliminary investigation of the site is available for download on their web site.


Wessex Archaeology are currently preparing a desk-based assessment of the site on behalf of English Heritage


The Secretary of State for Defence has answered a question on the site in Parliament.


JNAPC have published their position.


The IfA have published their position.


UNESCO has also published a position statement.


Divernet reports on “Rocks ahead for Victory salvage plan”.


A post appeared on the MOD’s Defence News blog.



Meanwhile the government of Peru is reported to be pushing forward with a $500 million claim against Odyssey.


Google dives under the sea


Google Earth has been expanded into Google Ocean.


Sizewell boat


A 12-13th century boat found during excavations in advance of the Greater Gabbard Wind Farm onshore works has been put on display at a public open day in Leiston.


U/W survey off the Albanian coast


Over the past two years, RPM Nautical Foundation and INA have been undertaking an u/w survey of shipwrecks off the Albanian coast.


Venetian galley


Italian archaeologists have raised a 13th century galley from the Venice lagoon.


More on the job losses


The BBC website has reported on the threat to archaeological jobs in the west of England.


Elizabethan ‘Superguns’


If you missed last weekend’s Timewatch programme about the Elizabethan gun found at Alderney, then it should be available on the i-Player.


Royal Navy Launches centenary of naval aviation


This year is the centenary year of naval aviation. Various events are planned to commemorate the Admiralty’s decision on 7 May 1909 to order their first airship, HMS Airship I.


Danton discovery


The Danton, a French battleship sunk in 1917 in over 1000m in the Mediterranean has been found in remarkable condition. The discovery was made by the survey company Fugro during a pre-lay survey of the route of a proposed gas pipeline between Algeria and Italy.




Underwater archaeology features in the 2009 number 1 issue of the UNESCO Courier.


International Conference on Remote Sensing in Archaeology


A second call for papers has been issued for this conference to be held in Tiruchirappalli, India, on 17-21 August 2009.


Kent Archaeological Field School


The KAFS 2009 course prospectus is now available from their web site.


Privateer’s booty to help fund sports event?


The Guardian has reported a bizarre plan to fund the Central American and Caribbean Games.


More Atlantis disappointment


Claims that Atlantis had been found have sadly once again turned out to be wide of the mark.


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