Marine ALSF findings published, St Anthony Protected Wreck and other news

Marine ALSF findings published

The Marine ALSF has published the findings of over £4 million of research related to marine aggregate dredging for projects undertaken during FY2007/08 (as administered by the MEPF and English Heritage).

St Anthony Protected Wreck

A finds record for this protected wreck off the Lizard in Cornwall is now available for download from the ADS site.

Draft Marine and Heritage Protection Bills – some responses

A summary of responses to the UK government’s Draft Marine Bill is available form the DEFRA website.

JNAPC’s written evidence on the Draft Heritage Protection Bill given to the Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport is also available.

The response of National Historic Ships to the draft Heritage Bill can be downloaded from their website.

Purton Hulks

Paul Barnett has written to inform MAG that he is organising regular tours of this fascinating site on the River Severn in Gloucestershire in 2009. Further details can be found in his comment on the MAG Blog (24/10/08 entry).

Liverpool Nautical Research Society

The Liverpool Nautical Research Society is celebrating its 70th Anniversary in 2008. This respected society publishes a quarterly journal and meets on the third Thursday of each month at the Merseyside Maritime Museum. It has special access to the library and archives of the museum.

North-East Maritime Archaeology Research Archive

Tees Archaeology is hosting a maritime archaeology resource on behalf of the Nautical Archaeology Society North East.

New slave ship find

Archaeologists in the Turks and Caicos are reported to have found the wreck of a ship which carried slaves from whom many of the islands’ residents are descended.

On-line student training journal

Students from the University of West Florida Underwater Archaeology Field School have begun a new online journal to showcase their conservation efforts. 

NOAA discover wreck of a British whaler

A team from NOAA’s National Marine Sanctuaries have discovered the wreck of the 19th century British whaling ship Gledstanes off Kure Atoll in Hawaii.

French 74 gun website

The Musée National de la Marine has produced interesting new multimedia  web content on French 74 gun ships of the line.

Artist in residence at the National Oceanography Centre

An artist in residence has been appointed at the NOC. Is it a ‘first’?

Excavating Thames Lighters

The Autumn 2008 issue of London Archaeologist reports on the excavation of five 19th century Thames lighters at Erith


MAG members are reminded that the DEGUWA conference ‘In Poseidons Reich XIV: Underwater Archaeology in Northern European Rivers and Lakes’ takes place 20-22 February 2009 in Kiel, Germany.

More Vrouw Maria

Following on from the article in the last update, members may be interested in the related post on the MACHU web site.

Also on the MACHU website is also a short article on work undertaken on the Swedish ‘Ghost’ wreck this November and on the discovery and recovery of a fine 17th century Dutch gun from Euro Maasroute to Rotterdam.

Marine archaeology provides important evidence about Jesus?

Frank Goddio’s team working in Alexandria’s ancient harbour have announced that they have found a bowl with the inscription “DIA CHRSTOU O GOISTAIS”. This has been interpreted by as meaning “by Christ the magician” or “the magician by Christ”. Goddio is quoted by the Discovery Channel as saying “It could well be a reference to Jesus Christ, in that he was once the primary exponent of white magic”.

RMS Carpathia

A short article about the salvage of artefacts from RMS Carpathia in 2007 is available from the COMEX website.

Exploring New World Transitions

A conference on the early European exploitation of NE North America will be held from 14-20 June 2010 in St John’s, Newfoundland. The conference is being organized by the Memorial University of Newfoundland, Bournemouth University and the Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology. Coastal and maritime archaeology will be featured.

NAS ‘Adopt A Wreck’ reaches 100

The Nautical Archaeology Society’s wreck scheme chalked up its 100th adoption earlier this year.

Also the Nautical Archaeology Society is now on Facebook. Try

Current Archaeology latest

The December issue of Current Archaeology includes short news reports on recent investigations into the Roman and medieval harbours at Richborough, Kent and on the submerged medieval town of Dunwich.

Fenland Lighter Archive

The archive of the Fenland Lighter Project is now archived at Peterborough Library’s new Local Studies Centre.

Local Maritime Archives now online

The Exeter Local Maritime Archives Project (ELMAP) provides a searchable database of maritime and naval records across England and Wales that has gone on-line. The database is fully searchable and provides details of each item and its archive location.

Where did the timber come from?

In the November issue of The Mariner’s Mirror a researcher asks whether readers know where the timber used to build Drake’s Pelican and Revenge came from? He reports that local tradition says that it came from ‘Stake Pit’ coppice in Norwood, part of the Great North Wood which used to stretch from Croydon to SE London. Answers to the blog please.


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