Russia to raise shipwreck; Thames Discovery Programme; Funding opportunity…

Russia to raise shipwreck containing Catherine the Great’s treasures

London’s Daily Telegraph reports that Russia plans to raise a schooner that sank off the coast of Finland in 1771 with gold, precious porcelain and Dutch paintings for Empress Catherine the Great aboard.  Quite what state oil paintings will be in after 200 years underwater is anyone’s guess…

Thames Discovery Programme

A website is being constructed for this HLF digital outreach project about London’s longest open-air archaeological site, the Thames.

Funding opportunity for institutions with maritime collections?

The final phase of Their Past Your Future launches on 3 November 2008. The Big Lottery funded programme is open to all museums, libraries and archives in England.
The project explores the ongoing legacy of 20th and 21st century conflict on people and places. The grants are designed to inspire inter-generational activities between younger and older people under the themes of remembrance and commemoration; identity; reconciliation; citizenship; diversity; asylum; conflict resolution and peacekeeping.

The administrator of the programme for the MLA, Eve Pattinson said: “The first two years of the project has helped facilitate a host of creative projects throughout the country. We are looking forward to a final round of applications that will encourage museums, libraries and archives to use their collections to explore innovative ways of increasing young people’s knowledge and understanding of the impact and contemporary significance of war and conflict. “

Grants between £500 and £10,000 are available for venues to develop programmes, workshops, exhibitions and events. The deadline for applications is the 16th January 2009. To apply and for further information visit here.

 ALGAO and the Scottish Marine Bill

The October 2008 response of ALGAO: Scotland to the Scottish Marine Bill consultation is available on-line.

National Maritime Museum

The NMM are seeking to appoint an adult learning manager.


COWRIE is considering opening up its data management system training courses to consultants and contractors working for offshore windfarm developers. Details can be found on their website.

The future of HMS Victory

National Historic Ships, the advisory committee set up by DCMS to advise government on all matters relating to historic ships in the UK has written to the MOD on the future of HMS Victory. You can download a copy of their representations from the NHS website.

The National Historic Ships e-newsletter for Winter 2008 is now available.

Their Directory of Skills and Services will go live on their website on 28 November. Members with relevant skills and services can download a company entry form from their website.

New Mary Rose theory holed below the waterline?

The theory that the Mary Rose was sunk by a French cannonball that holed it below the waterline has been drawing some fire itself. Amongst the criticisms levelled at the theory, your editor has been told that the ‘possible shot damage’ to the cannon muzzle is very probably a casting flaw and that all of the stone shot recovered by the excavation team that has so far been  analyzed has proved to be from Kent.

Is the new theory GIS gone too far or is it a case of GIS pushing the boundaries forward?

Regardless of where the truth lies, the Mary Rose team should be congratulated on its continuing success in keeping the ship in the news.


The Advisory Council on Underwater Archaeology has published the 2008 Underwater Archaeology Proceedings, consisting of papers presented at the Society for Historical Archaeology’s annual Conference on Historical and Underwater Archaeology in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Publication can be downloaded as a PDF File for US $10 or you can obtain a printed version for US $18. You can also purchase the 2009 ACUA Calendar featuring award-winning photographs from archaeological sites and featured during the 2000-2008 annual archaeological photo competition.

IMCA Safety Flashes

MAG members involved in diving or other marine operations should note that access to safety flashes issued by the International Marine Contractors Association is free through their website.

Virtual Library

A new European virtual library has opened. The library plans to offer access to 10 million works by 2010.


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