New UK designated wreck, Members needed for ACHWS, Heritage Bill news, Scholarship, Purton hulks

First of all I would like to notify members that  I am leaving my position as MAG Secretary to take up a position abroad. This means I will not be able to act on any emails etc. for the MAG updates or blog or other MAG issues. As my resignation is some time before the next AGM, a new Secretary will be co-opted by the committee shortly. Until then please forward any items for the updates/blog to Virginia Dellino Musgrave at or Jesse Ransley at The new Secretary’s details will be distributed members as soon as possible.

Many thanks to all of the MAG members who have contributed so much to the group in the last few years, these updates would not be possible without your input!

17th century Thames wreck believed to be HMS London designated

Barbara Follett, Minister for Culture, has designated the remains of a historic 17th Century ship, believed to be the London, which sank in the Thames Estuary nearly 350 years ago. More details are available on the DCMS website.

2 members required for the Advisory Committee on Historic Wreck Sites (ACHWS)

DCMS has requested applications for interested parties to fill 2 member posts on the ACHWS, the committee set up to advise Ministers on issues related to historic wrecks. More details can be found on the DCMS website.

Government Response to Report on Draft Heritage Bill

The Government has published its response to the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee’s Report on the Draft Heritage Protection Bill and Draft Cultural Property (Armed Conflicts) Bill.

Women’s Underwater Archaeology Scholarship

MAG Members may wish to apply for or pass on details for the Women Divers Hall of Fame Cecelia Connelly Memorial Scholarship for Underwater Archaeology. The scholarship is for $2500, to be used to support a woman graduate or undergraduate student, currently enrolled and in good standing, in an accredited academic program in Underwater Archaeology. Further details can be found on the Women Divers Hall of Fame website.

Other News

Members may remember MAG has previously forwarded news on the Purton Hulks. Recently the Telegraph has taken up the story following recent unsuccessful attempts to protect the site through existing heritage legislation.


3 thoughts on “New UK designated wreck, Members needed for ACHWS, Heritage Bill news, Scholarship, Purton hulks

  1. paul barnett says:

    Dear All at MAG
    Firstly thank you for all of your help and continued support during 2008.

    That said could I once again call on you to kindly consider advertising the forth coming 2009 tours dates of the Purton Hulks, with the view to pushing forward our vital message for designation and protection of this unique site.

    With fondest regards and have a very Merry Christmas.

    Paul Barnett
    Chairman of the Friends of Purton

    P.S. keep an eye out for the site featuring in the BBC series Coast in the spring 2009.

    Scheduled site tours
    Sunday 18th January 2009 1pm
    Sunday 15th February2009 1pm
    Sunday 15th March 2009 1pm
    Sunday 19th April 2009 2pm
    Sunday 17th May 2009 2pm
    Sunday 21st June 2009 2pm
    Sunday 19th July 2009 2pm
    Sunday 16th August 2009 2pm
    Sunday 20th September 2009 2pm
    Sunday 18th October 2009 2pm
    Sunday 15th November 2009 1pm
    Sunday 20th December 2009 1pm

  2. MP to debate future of Purton Hulks

    The Friends of Purton are today welcoming the formal announcement by Stroud Member of Parliament, Neil Carmichael that he intends to chair an open public meeting in order to discuss the future of one of Gloucestershire’s most famous of maritime monuments.

    This come in the wake of British Waterways recent adoption of the site which is now formally recognised by the nations heritage governing authority English Heritage, as the largest ships graveyard in the country, and its designation in 2010, of the sites last remaining Kennet built canal boat Harriett, as a vessel of great archaeological significance and maritime importance.

    The meeting, which it is hoped, will include prominent members from English Heritage, Natural England, British Waterways, elected politicians representing Hinton Parish Council, Stroud District and Gloucestershire County Council, is seen as the most proactive step to ensuring adequate protection of the Gloucestershire time capsule since its formation in 1909.

    Friends Chairman Paul Barnett heralded the move as a unique opportunity to openly discuss both the protection of the site and the preservation of the surrounding environment. Scheduled to take place at the Sharpness Dockers Club commencing 6:45 pm for 7:00pm on 1st June 2011 Mr Barnett encouraged all with an interest in the future of the site, to attend in order to participate in the ongoing debate to protect the regions diminishing maritime archaeology.

    For further details please contact 07833143231 or see

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