ALSF funds for English Heritage, NAS Conference 2008, Ancient Trade Conference, New IFA Group

ALSF funding for EH

Following the consultation between January and April 2008, Defra have determined that English Heritage will receive £1.5m per annum for the three calendar years 2008/9 to 2010/11. The consultation and responses can be found on the Defra website

The funding will be allocated exactly as proposed in the consultation documents. English Heritage will therefore distribute this funding against Theme 1 (Quarries) and Theme 2 (Marine).

The English Heritage ALSF Programme is managed by the Historic Environment Commissions Team through the same procedures as the Historic Environment Enabling Programme. For detailed information on application procedures please see the How to Apply page.

Please note that English Heritage will as a matter of course circulate applications to other distributing bodies, in particular Natural England and CEFAS.

Round 3 opened on 3rd August 2008. The scheme will run until 15th March 2011 at which point any outstanding projects will be closed and final payments retained.

Please note that all projects will need to comply with MoRPHE project management guidance, and must be aligned with an appropriate SHAPE Sub-Programme.

More information is available on the EH website.

NAS 2008 Conference

A new speaker has been added to the line-up for the conference, Dr Mark Holley of Michigan College. Mark will discuss new methods of rapid field survey of archaeological sites. Other speakers include: Matthew Harpster, Philip Robertson, Mike Williams, Rebecca Stalker, Mark Beattie-Edwards, and Gordon LePard.  Additional speakers will be announced.

If you would like to know more about the event, please visit the Conference pages of the NAS Website.

Ancient Trade in the Mediterranean Conference

This conference to be held on the 18-20 September 2008 in Madrid Spain is titled: Maritime Archaeology and Ancient Trade in the Mediterranean. It will seek to explore the contribution of maritime archaeology to the understanding of trade and exchange in the region of the ancient Mediterranean. Papers will examine issues such as sea routes and trade patterns, the links between shipwrecks and the ancient economy and between land-based archaeology and maritime commerce. The conference will also concentrate on the evidence from ports and shipwrecks and their connections with wider Mediterranean trading networks. Finally there will be a special session devoted to Egyptian production, ports and trading routes. For more information see here.

New IFA Special Interest Group

The inaugural Annual General Meeting of the IFA’s Geophysics Special Interest Group will be held at the offices of Birmingham Archaeology at 11.00 a.m. on Wednesday, the 1st October, 2008.

An Agenda is attached together with a map showing the location of Birmingham Archaeology (Green Zone, Building G6) on the University of Birmingham Edgbaston Campus.

Call for Survey Participation

Flinders University masters Student Nicole Ortman is doing research for a thesis on the subject of “Exploring Practitioner’s Attitudes Towards In Situ Preservation and Storage for Underwater Cultural Heritage.”

She is currently looking for volunteers to assist in this project by completing a questionnaire which covers certain aspects of this topic. This questionnaire will be available via the software SurveyMonkey and should take no longer than 30 minutes to complete.

If you are interested in participating in this questionnaire, please contact:

Other News

Thames Wrecks: Seven (that’s right) seven shipwrecks including a 17th century warship and small vessels are being salvaged from the River Thames in a major archaeological operation. You can follow this story on Thames Shipwrecks: A Race against Time,  on Tuesday 26th August 8-9pm on BBC 2.

Canoe Workshop: Members with a good memory may remember a dugout canoe workshop in Estonia that featured on a previous update. You can follow pictures and video of the workshop in Karuskose, Soomaa National Park on flickr and YouTube. (Don’t try this at home)


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