Wrecks at Risk, Plymouth University Diving Course, HSE Diving Committee notes, Horsea Shuts

Wrecks at Risk

English Heritage launched the Heritage at Risk register today.

This new programme makes England the first country in Europe to have such a comprehensive knowledge of the state of its protected heritage. The maritime element of the programme comprises an assessment of England’s Protected Wreck Sites and has been based upon an objective audit and Annual Licensee Reports.

Cannons on the Hazardous (Courtesy HWTMA)

Cannons on the Hazardous (Courtesy HWTMA)

10 of England’s 45 protected wrecks have been listed on the register:

  • Northumberland
  • Restoration
  • Rooswijk
  • Stirling Castle
  • Hazardous
  • HMS/m A1
  • Iona II
  • Salcombe Cannon Site
  • Coronation
  • Royal Anne

More details can be found on EH’s Shipwrecks at Risk page

University of Plymouth New Diving Courses

The University of Plymouth has its own Diving & Marine Centre and is the only University in the country to offer students the opportunity to gain the Professional Diving (SCUBA) qualification as part of their marine-based academic degree programme. The Centre is now offering the Pro Scuba course to any archaeologist or student doing an archaeological degree/Masters. The Centre runs intensive courses through the summer which are priced at about half the commercial rate.

As part of the training they are hoping to ground truth anomalies in Plymouth Sound identified through geophysical (sub-bottom profiling, magnetometer and side-scan) surveys and search for 4 wrecks, including the East Indiamen Palsgrave/Paulsgrove (1637) and the Dutton (1796).

The Centre is also planning to provide surface supply training to the students in Plymouth from this autumn and will make this available to a wider community next year.

Further details about the course can be found on their Diving & Marine Centre website (under the Prof Diving tab).

MAG notes from the HSE diving Industry Committee

Mark Dunkley of MAG reports the following from the committee meeting:

ADC Information Note 4/08 on the use of the Scientific & Archaeological ACoP when conducting pre-commencement inspections or surveys on construction related or wind farm development sites (dated 28th June 2008 ) has now been issued. Contact the ADC for more information.

New HSE Research is to include a Helmet Noise Project (research paper in prep.), Differential Pressure Hazards and Helmet Protection Testing. All HSE Research Reports for Diving can be found on the HSE Diving Homepage.

A major revision to USN Tables was completed in April 2008 which includes more conservative approach to air decompression (though they are still less conservative than RN and DCIEM tables). The revised tables are available within Section 9.8 of the US Navy Diving Manual (Revision 6, April 2008 ) .

The European Scientific Diving Committee was set up as interim commission based on a meeting of experts in scientific diving and underwater sciences held in Berlin in June 2007. The 2nd International Symposium on Occupational Scientific Diving (ISOSD2008 ) of ESDC is to be held in Helsinki in October 2008.

Other News:

Horsea Island dive centre, which contains the remains of the Gresham Ship (also known as the ‘Prince’s Channel Wreck‘), has been closed to public diving access .


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