TAG 2008, New EH Conservation Principles Guidance, Wreck found in Namibia

TAG Conference

TAG is to be held on the 15-17th December 2008 in Southampton. The call for sessions is now open and sessions can be submitted via the website.

New Major English Heritage Guidance

English Heritage has published a major document that sets out for the first time the fundamental propositions that serve as the foundation for the way the organisation engages with every aspect of the historic environment.

Conservation Principles, Policies and Guidance is the result of four years of extensive debate and consultation within English Heritage and more than 1,000 external consultees. The recently launched Heritage Protection Bill will provide an improved legislative framework for managing change in historic environment in the 21st century; Conservation Principles will serve as its philosophical foundation.

English Heritage Consultation on Views

English Heritage is also developing a method to help it assess the historical significance of views, systematically and consistently. Seeing the history in the view: assessing heritage significance within views are inviting consultation on the document which closes on the 4th July 2008.

Other News

The diamond mining company De Beers have discovered the wreckage of a sailing vessel in Namibia with a cargo said to include bronze cannon, Spanish and Portuguese coins and elephant tusks. Details here.

The popular BBC2 programme Coast is looking for dive sites to cover for the 4th and 5th series of the programme. Details here.

An Estonian dugout canoe building and use program in the Soomaa National Park is seeking support for its participation in the National Geographic’s Geotourism Challenge. More details here.


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