Draft Marine Bill Published, Landscape and Identity Conference, Changes to Historic Environment Commissions Grant Aid

Draft Marine Bill Published

The Draft Bill, which was published on the 3rd of April, sets out plans for a new network of marine conservation zones around Britain’s coast. Defra’s announcement of the publication also notes plans for

  • a new UK-wide marine planning system, which will enable us to set a clear direction for how we are going to manage our seas and make the best use of marine resources;
  • the simpler licensing of marine developments, for example, offshore wind farms; and improved management of marine and inland fisheries.
  • a new Marine Management Organisation, a centre of marine excellence, to be created to regulate development and activity at sea and enforce environmental protection laws.

Unfortunately there’s no specific mention the historic environment in Defra’s summary announcement- hopefully not a reflection of it status the document itself… MAG Members please note, the consultation deadline for the Marine Bill is the 26th June.

Conference: People & Place: Landscape and Identity through Time

University of Chichester, 13th and 14th September 2008. Call for Posters This collaborative conference brings together researchers from a variety of disciplines (in particular Archaeology, History, Geography, English and Performing Arts) to highlight new approaches to understanding past and present landscapes, and to consider the multifarious ways that cultural landscapes, both physical and psychological, have been created and perceived through time. Further details of the conference programme can be found here.

The Organising Committee is inviting researchers, in particular postgraduate students, to submit proposals for posters based around one, or a combination of, the following themes:

Images, Value and Knowledge; Time, space and narrative; Settlement and movement; Authority and access.

Interested parties can download a Poster Presentation Form and the guidelines for poster production from the website. Abstracts must be submitted to the session organisers by 29th August 2008.

Poster sessions will take place only during the workshop on Saturday 13th September 2008. Please note, registration fees will apply to individuals presenting posters with the exception of students to whom discounted fees apply.

Important Changes to Historic Environment Commissions Grant Aid

Please note that from April 2008 it will be a Condition of Grant that all project applications are:

  • MoRPHE compliant: See here for details.
  • Aligned with a single primary SHAPE Sub-Programme: See here for details.

Other News

Amos “Casts off”

The John H Amos, Britain’s last surviving steam paddle tug has finally been moved from its slip by the Historic Dockyard in Chatham after 32 years. The Maritime Journal has covered the move.

John H Amos, ST © Brian Hession

Prospect Archaeologists Branch

Did you know the union Prospect has an archaeologists’ branch?

Prospect is working closely with our own Institute of Field Archaeologists, the Archaeology Training Forum, employers’ associations and the Cultural Heritage National Training Organisation to build the infrastructure of recognised qualifications and career structures that is needed if archaeologists’ pay and conditions are to be improved significantly. Their most recent initiative is a seven-point manifesto for archaeology, which seeks to raise the status of the profession and improve its terms and conditions.


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