MAG AGM – Election Results

MAG AGM – Election Results

The election to committes posts was held on Tuesday 18th March prior to the MAG session at the IFA annual conference. The MAG committee is happy to announce the election of Virginia Dellino-Musgrave as Committee Chair and the election of Dave Parham, Mark Littlewood and Julie Satchell as Ordinary Committee Members. The text of the Chair’s and Secretary’s Reports will be distributed with the forthcoming Spring MAG Bulletin.

The MAG Session at the conference “Education and training: what “Maritime Archaeology” are we teaching?” was a great success, and many thanks must go to the session organiser Jesse Ransley and to the speakers and participants in the discussion that followed the session. More details on the session will be included in the forthcoming Spring MAG Bulletin.

Other News

The Royal Society of Chemistry obviously loves a challenge, if maritime needles in haystacks appeal to you you couldn’t ask for more than this.

Interest in the concerns surrounding deep water salvage is maintained in the latest issue of Currrent Archaeology.

If the ongoing salvage and archaeology debate is getting you down, why not recharge your batteries with some good honest digging on a nice dry site? The LAP & T of the University of Siena are advertising for fieldworkers for 2008 PAVA field season and have asked MAG to let members know.


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