Special Update: MAG Committee Nominations

MAG Committee Nominations

The nominations are in for the following positions on the MAG Committee. The positions will be elected by a vote at the MAG AGM prior to the MAG session at the IFA Conference in Swansea. The session starts at 14:00, Tuesday the 18th March. Election statements from the candidates are given below (some of these have been edited to make them shorter)

Nominations for Chair

Virginia Dellino-Musgrave

From the beginning of my academic career in archaeology in 1990, my research experience has been continuously developing through themes ranging from prehistoric societies on land to maritime and historical archaeology contexts. In 1999, having gained my licenciatura in Argentina, I undertook a Master of Arts in Maritime Archaeology (1999-2000) and a doctoral research (2000-2003) both at the University of Southampton (UK). My research specialism focused on historical and maritime archaeology. In particular, I analysed British action during the 18th century in remote areas such as the South Atlantic and Australia within an integrative approach.


Since 2000, I have taught in several courses at the Universities of Southampton, Bristol and Nottingham, covering a wide variety of topics such as: a) the built environment and portable material culture in Europe during 16th -18th centuries; d) methods in land and maritime archaeology; c) archaeological theory, and d) data processing and post-excavation analysis covering aspects ranging from typological studies and conservation procedures to the application of computer-based software such as ArcGIS, amongst others.

During 2005-2007, my post in English Heritage enabled me to expand my area of expertise managing projects that range from submerged prehistoric landscapes to historic shipwrecks and aircrafts. It allowed me to get an insight of government related issues in relation to the maritime cultural heritage as well as promoting best practice within the professional and wider community.

My current post with the Hampshire and Wight Trust for Maritime Archaeology has enabled me to further develop responsibilities regarding strategic advice on maritime issues at local, regional and national level as well as cultural resource management matters in general.

Furthermore, since October 2006, I have been a Council Member of the Institute of Field Archaeologists. As a council member I have been contributing towards maintaining, improving and monitoring standards, best practice and the nature of the provision of archaeological services in the United Kingdom. Hence, I would bring to the MAG Committee my expertise in maritime archaeology at both national and international level, my diverse practical skills in archaeology in a variety of projects around the world, my knowledge in providing strategic advice at government level and my experience within a government agency in relation to standards and best practice in the archaeological and wider community.

Nominations for Ordinary Committee Members

Julie Satchell

I have worked full time in maritime archaeology for the last eight and a half years with the Hampshire and Wight Trust for Maritime Archaeology and in this time I have had a key role in managing research led fieldwork programmes, strategy development and the management of commercial projects. Having been involved with MAG for the last seven years, first as an ordinary member and for the past three years as Chair, it is clear that there is a need for the development and maintenance of professional standards and guidance within the rapidly evolving area of maritime archaeology. I would like to put myself forward as an Ordinary Committee member to help continue to pursue a number of issues developed while I have been Chair, particularly in the field of maritime archives.

Dave Parham

A former diver and amateur shipwreck archaeologist / historian educated almost by accident. Background in research and commercial archaeology and now a Senior Lecturer at Bournemouth University. Former Secretary and Chair of MAG, now an ordinary committee member I have also been a IFA Council Member and member of the IFA validation Public Affairs Committees.

During my time as chair of the MAG committee the group became (and I believe still is) the most active of the IFA special interest groups and the most active marine archaeology group in the UK. In addition, in may time as chair MAG established a quarterly ebulletin for its membership, Replied to over 15 consultations on marine development or government policy, Organised 3 maritime sessions at IFA annual conferences, Organised 3 professional seminars.

In addition, I have run the English Heritage and British Academy funded international conference Managing the Marine Cultural Heritage in conjunction with the Association of Local Government Archaeological Officer maritime committee, organised a two day training event for archaeological curators funding by the Archaeology Training Forum, Managed and co-sponsored the establishment of Keith Muckelroy Award as a British Archaeological Award for Maritime Archaeology.

I have also contributed to the submission of questions in the Houses of Parliament about the Treasury’s plans for the wreck of the 17th century British Warship Sussex which lead to a change in policy for the plans for the site, I have worked towards raising awareness of maritime archaeology within the UK by encouraging the publication of 12 maritime related articles in ‘The Archaeologist’ and co-edited a maritime issue of the magazine in the autumn 2004.

I have represented the Institute of Field Archaeologists on the; The United Kingdom Diving Industry Committee; The Joint Nautical Archaeology Policy Committee; The Society for Underwater Technology Diving and Manned Submersibles Group; The Association of Local Government Archaeological Officers Maritime Committee.

Graham Scott

I have been employed as a Senior Archaeologist in the Coastal and Marine section of Wessex Archaeology since 2003. In this role I have undertaken a rich and very wide mix of specialist maritime archaeological work including: development led environmental impact assessments; and numerous desk-based and field investigations of historic shipwreck sites both in the UK and abroad; as well as strategic research projects.

Examples of my work include the recording of the Swash Channel protected site in Poole Bay in 2005, extensive survey work on the Stirling Castle and Rooswijk sites in 2006-7 and a desk and field based study of the ‘Tobermory Galleon’. I have written several dozen client reports, including a number of major studies. My work is frequently developmental in terms of new methodology and equipment and new ways of interpreting and presenting shipwreck sites.

Research based research projects that I have undertaken include the SS Mendi and, most recently, a pioneering ALSF scoping study of aircraft crash sites at sea for English Heritage. My work has given me experience acting as a both client and government representative. I have also become familiar with many of the touchstone issues that are currently preoccupying the profession, including: the future of maritime heritage management; regional research agendas; outreach; CPD; the relationship between amateurs and avocationals; issues relating to offshore development and the future of site archives.

My involvement in professional archaeology began in 1983 and I have a background in terrestrial work. My pre-Wessex experience of maritime archaeology included the excavation of the Cromwellian shipwreck at Duart Castle in Scotland, work for the ADU during 2002 and a period on the NAS national committee.

In addition to logging hundreds of archaeological dives, I am an experienced commercial diver and diving supervisor. Since 2003 I have been a member of the Association of Diving Contractors inshore/inland diving supervisor scheme. I have used both surface supply and scuba. I am therefore thoroughly acquainted with issues of diving safety and regulation.

I am also an experienced lawyer. Whilst I no longer practice (having fallen in love with maritime archaeology), my legal background has provided me with important presentational and lobbying skills, together with experience of committee work.

Through my wife Sue, a respected museum head, I have gained an understanding of heritage management from a museum perspective. I have also developed very useful contacts within the museum profession.

In an era of change for maritime archaeology, I can offer you the following:

  • A very high level of experience in professional maritime archaeology fieldwork and research, including current advances in methodology and equipment;
  • A thorough grounding in heritage management issues based upon actual experience and from more than one perspective;
  • Expertise in diving methods and diving safety;
  • Proven presentational, organisational and report writing skills;
  • Energy and enthusiasm for the work of MAG.

Mark Littlewood

I have been a professional archaeologist working within the commercial sector for over ten years. I am currently a highly experienced geomatics supervisor working for Oxford Archaeology having worked on many different sites and periods.

I am an experienced maritime archaeologist with two degrees in the subject and have excavated in the inter-tidal zone, dockyard sites and completed a maritime landscape characterisation in GIS.

Since April 2005 I have been an ordinary committee member of the IFA Maritime Affairs Group. My primary responsibility has been in compiling, editing and writing articles for the biannual MAG bulletin. I have also regularly attended the many MAG seminars, conferences and committee members organised by MAG.

If re-elected I will continue to bring my dedication and experience to the Maritime Affairs Group as I seek to further improve the MAG bulletin for which I am responsible.

Be sure to make your voice heard at the MAG AGM on the 18th March!


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