Palaeolithic finds dredged from the North Sea, SHEP Consultation, CHAT 2008, MESH Mapping

Palaeolithic finds dredged from the North Sea

A major discovery of 28 flint hand-axes, dated to around 100,000 years-old, has been made by a Dutch amateur archaeologist, Jan Meulmeesterin, in gravel from a licensed marine aggregate dredging area 13km off Great Yarmouth. English Heritage are currently co-operating with their Dutch counterparts, the National Service for Archaeology, Cultural Landscape and Built Heritage to learn more about the finds.

See more on this story at:

Wessex Archaeology’s Website


The Independent

SHEP Consultation

Historic Scotland is launching a public consultation in the Scottish Historic Environment Policy series as follows:

SHEP on the Marine Historic Environment [Con 988] The publication is available to download.

If you wish to participate in the consultation see the SHEP consultation letter. Please note that the consultation closes on 30 May 2008.

CHAT 2008 Conference- “Heritage CHAT”

November 14-16, 2008 University College London (Hosted by Atkins Heritage, English Heritage and UCL Centre for Museums, Heritage and Material Culture).

Archaeologists are now taking an active and enthusiastic interest in the modern period. CHAT (Contemporary and Historical Archaeology in Theory) is a dynamic forum for innovative critical discussion that seeks to challenge and push the limits of archaeological thinking. This year’s CHAT conference will explore connections between theoretical perspectives and ideals and the more traditional concerns of heritage management practice.

How much of heritage management practice holds relevance to CHAT? Should the heritage sector retain its focus on that which is ‘old’ and ‘special’, or should we feel comfortable with a broader remit, accepting that what we have today is part of the longer-term process of change with which we, as archaeologists, are closely familiar? CHAT presents particular challenges for heritage practitioners and agencies: Value judgements for that which is new and unfamiliar, amongst culturally diverse communities, and the attendant issues of migrant heritage; traditional conceptions and practices for recording buildings versus the aesthetic and the evocative; the archaeology of the ephemeral, the intangible and the un-built, all things that are harder to trace in earlier periods; and how inter- or cross-disciplinary should we be? CHAT invites short abstracts (450 words) from those interested. Full details on how to submit an abstract and more information on CHAT 2008 are available on the CHAT 2008 flyer.

MESH Mapping

Maps and images of seabed habitat, geology and biological data in the seas around North West Europe can now be viewed online. This huge resource has been created by the Joint Nature Conservation Committee in a five nation project called, The Development of a Framework for Mapping European Seabed Habitats, or MESH.

Other News

Sandra Dick of The Scotsman has written a short piece on the proposed Scottish Marine Bill. The Scotsman welcomes comments!

Also, details of the candidates for the MAG committee will distributed as a special MAG Update tomorrow.

Be sure to make your voice heard at the MAG AGM on the 18th March!


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