MAG Blog Goes ‘Live’, Scottish Marine workshop, British Warships Overseas- Seminar, Access to new Register of Historic Assets, Reappointment to ACHWS

The MAG Blog is Official!
After a few months trial the MAG Blog is now officially up and running.

Do you dimly remember reading a MAG Update about an interesting conference or news item? You can now search all the MAG Update blog posts to find the post you are after using simple keyword searches using the search box on this page. Rather than checking your Email Inbox for updates you can subscribe to the MAG blog via RSS feed, or if you are an email die hard, you can set up a feed to notify you by email when MAG puts up a new post. MAG has noticed that sometimes large attachments can stop messages getting through so members from time to time, and occasionally MAG Updates are intercepted by anti-spam software so if you don’t want to miss an important piece of news, check the blog just in case.

There are no plans to stop MAG Update Email list for now, but do let us know what you think of the blog so we can make improvements where possible and make sure the content is useful to you all. You can also leave comments on the posts (these will be moderated mind you).

One last advantage is the ability to post images with posts, so if you have any images that help illustrate an item you want to see featured on MAG, send them on (just make sure you make it clear we have permission to use them – all images will of course be credited)

Enjoy the blog!

Workshop on the Marine Historic Environment in Scotland
You are invited to participate in a Workshop on the Marine Historic Environment in Scotland on Friday 7th March 2008 at the RICS 9 Manor Place, Edinburgh EH3 7DN.

The need for the Workshop stems from two highly important processes that are currently in train in Scotland. Firstly, the Scottish Government is currently consulting principal stakeholders about the potential content of a Scottish Marine Bill. Secondly, Historic Scotland is about to publish a draft SHEP on the Marine Historic Environment, and wish to consult widely on its content.

The Workshop will include discussion of the main proposals in the SHEP, but will go wider to look at broader management issues related to the marine historic environment, some of which might be tackled within the Marine Bill, and some of which will feed into thinking about the operation of MSP and an MMO. A report of the Workshop will be made available to participants and also on the BEFS website, which will inform others in engaging with the consultation on the SHEP and the passage of the Bill. This is an extremely important opportunity for key historic environment stakeholders and practitioners to influence a highly significant piece of legislation and the Government policy that will underlie it.

If you would like to register a place at the Workshop, please complete the details below:

If you and/or colleagues would like to attend: please reply to, completing the contact details below.

  1. Please RSVP by 5pm, Monday 3rd March 2008.
  2. They will confirm receipt of your booking.
  3. Further details will be sent to you by email in advance of the workshop.




Special dietary requirements:
Special access requirements:

BEFS will hold these contact details on a database in order to let you know about BEFS activities/information that we think may be of interest to you. BEFS will not pass this information on to any third party. Please indicate whether you are content for BEFS to retain these details: YES / NO

Forthcoming Seminar: Shared Heritage: Joint Responsibilities in the Management of British Warship Wrecks Overseas
This seminar is to be held at the University of Wolverhampton 8th July 2008. Its main aim is to enable a discussion to open new lines of communication, promote best archaeological practice, and develop cooperation between different countries sharing a common heritage: in this case historic British Warships wreck sites. Admission is free but pre-registration is essential. To register please contact: Julie Hayward, Wolverhampton University, E-mail:
More details are available on the Shared Heritage flyer.

English Heritage: Access to New Historic Assets Register Focus Groups
English Heritage plans to replace the existing listing, scheduling and registration schemes (including protected wrecks) with a new single register of designated assets. As part of this work the National Monuments Record has been asked to find out more about how people want to access this newly proposed register and the ways in which they will want to search it online. EH are holding Focus Groups in various locations in March 2008 – if you interested in coming along and contributing contact:

Reappointment to Advisory Committee on Historic Wrecksites
Margaret Hodge, the Minister for Culture, announced earlier this month that Suzanne Pleydell has been reappointed as a member of the Advisory Committee on Historic Wreck Sites. Her term of appointment will run from 16 February 2008 to 15 February 2012. You can read the full announcement here.


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