MAG AGM 2008, HSE Diving Industry Committee Notes, Conservator Position Maryland USA, Submarines and Goats


Our AGM will be held on Tuesday 18th of March prior to the Maritime Session at the IFA conference in Swansea.

The AGM will include a review of the Group’s work for the past year in addition to the election of positions for the committee. This year the following positions are up for election: Chair, Ordinary Committee member x 2.

We hope to see you at the Maritime Session!

Summary Notes from the HSE Diving Industry Committee

1. The List of Approved Qualifications is to be reviewed and updated in 2008

2. Differential Pressure Hazards and Helmet Protection Noise research projects proposals submitted

3. Diving Information Sheets now available on-line. The revised draft diving information sheet no 9 “Divers’ Breathing Air Standard and the Frequency of Examination and Tests is attached. If you have comments on this revision please send them to Mark Dunkley at before 30 April 2008.

4. The ADC had received a complaint of a diving contractor utilising the Scientific and Archaeological Diving Projects ACOP within a wind farm during construction. ADC offered to draft guidance for ADC members and their clients. This will be cleared with HSE before publication.

Conservator Position, Maryland USA
The Maryland Department of Planning, Division of Historical and Cultural Programs. Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum is seeking a Head Conservator of archaeological materials. The closing date for applications is the 18th April, 2008. More details are available here.

Other News

The SS Robin Trust has applied for a £2 million grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to save the Victorian steamship SS Robin, one of only three vessels in London’s Core collection, along with Cutty Sark and HMS Belfast

(from Evening Standard, 13 February, p.24)

Chichester Harbour
New sections added to the Chichester Harbour Conservancy’s website enables users to see what sediments have been deposited in the harbour over the last 10,000 years an thus learn about the changing harbour landscape

Submarine Stories

There has been a small (U?) bout of submarine stories in the media of late. If you were unaware of the link between goats and subs, you might find at least one of these stories enlightening:

The UK Navy and goats

Lost U boat fleet found in the Black Sea

U 534 to be moved


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