Heritage Counts 2007, Protected Wrecks online! MEDAG GIS, Queen’s Speech and Underwater Heritage

Heritage Counts 2007

Heritage Counts 2007, the sixth annual survey of the state of the historic environment, was published recently revealing that many more skilled people are needed to tackle the challenges faced by England’s historic environment. Heritage Counts is prepared by English Heritage on behalf of the Historic Environment Review Executive Committee and the Regional Historic Environment Forums and is a comprehensive assessment of all aspects of the country’s heritage. More information on Heritage Counts is available here.

Protected Wrecks online!

An online map of sites designated under the Protection of Wrecks Act 1973 is now available through English Heritage’s website, or by clicking here. Please review the published information about your site of interest and please forward any amendments/changes you’d like made. English Heritage intend to make site reports available for download also, as well as Licensee reports.


The Marine Environmental Data Action Group (MEDAG) has announced the publication of a GIS application that catalogues available tide and sea level data around the UK coast giving timescales, instrument, contact and other details. This compliments a catalogue of wave data which is may also be searched using a GIS interface available on the MEDAG website. Follow the links from the MEDAG homepage to gain access to these data resources, or contact enquiries@oceannet.org for further details.

Queen’s Speech and Underwater Heritage

In the list of bills and draft bills included in the Queen’s speech were the Heritage Protection Draft Bill, as well as the Planning Reform Bill and Marine Draft Bill. These will be part of the legislative programme for this session of Parliament. For more details click here.


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