English Heritage Protected Wrecks Risk Management Handbook

English Heritage Protected Wrecks Risk Management Handbook
As part of a wider initiative to assess the state of all designated historic assets, English Heritage is seeking to understand current management patterns upon England’s Protected Wreck Sites, their likely future trajectory and how that can be influenced to ensure their significance is maintained for both present and future generations. The identification of risks to such sites will be key to how they are managed.

They have therefore developed a Risk Management Handbook which seeks to assess risk by following a subjective process in a systematic and supportable manner by gauging information against a set of standard terms.Three broad factors have been considered when assessing the risk to the nation’s Protected Wreck Sites:

  • Condition: the current condition of the wreck, whether in optimal condition, generally satisfactory, generally unsatisfactory or having extensive problems;
  • Vulnerability: an assessment of the natural and anthropogenic influences on the site, and;
  • Trajectory: an assessment of the management regime and whether the monument’s condition remains stable or is experiencing unmanaged or inappropriate decline.

Download a copy of the Risk Management Handbook here. Please forward any comments on the methodology to Mark Dunkley (Mark.Dunkley@english-heritage.org.uk)

MAG Bulletin Deadline reminder!
All members please note that the last day for submissions to the MAG Autumn Bulletin is this Friday, 5th October.


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