HSE Diving Guidance Consultation, Environment Agency Marine Strategy, MAG Bulletin Deadline

HSE Diving Guidance Consultation

As members will recall, the HSE has discussed its concerns about cylinder internal corrosion, the procedures for fitting cylinder valves and cylinder filling. A draft of proposed guidance on these issues was forwarded for comment to both the recreational and Diving Industry Committees. It is now intended to publish this guidance as a Diving Information sheet taking account of feedback from the earlier round of consultation.

The most notable change from the draft is the removal of the proposed annual inspection of cylinders. This is balance by increased guidance on procedures to minimise water ingress plus the strong recommendation that, when there is any chance of water having entered a cylinder, it should be internally inspected before refilling.

A copy of the draft Diving Information sheet is attached. Please forward any comments to Mark Dunkley at mark.dunkley@english-heritage.org.uk by the 31st August.

Cover letter for draft Diving Guidance

Draft Diving Guidance

Environment Agency Marine Strategy

In 2005 the Environment Agency published its Marine Strategy, setting out the agency’s leading role in protecting the marine environment.

The Environment Agency has now produced a progress report looking back over the period since the strategy’s launch detailing some of the Agency’s key successes. The report illustrates the progress made on strategy priorities and includes case studies on their work.

You can download the report at the agency’s website.

New MAG Bulletin Deadline

In a recent update I incorrectly notified members that the deadline for submissions for the Autumn 2007 MAG Bulletin was the 5th August, the date is in fact the 5th October.


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