NEEMARA, CoastNet Booklet, North Sea Prehistory Newsletters, Oceanology International 2008 Deadline Extension

NEEMARA Improved Access

Hartlepool Reference Library has created a direct web link for the North East England Maritime Archaeology Research Archive (NEEMARA) to make access even easier. Click here to view.

Dive Straight in! A new resource from CoastNet

In 2006 CoastNet held a number of workshops for marine and coastal professionals. A new booklet based on the outcome of the workshops has been published.

The booklet provides a practical introductory resource guide on good communication with the public on coastal and marine issues. The booklet may be particularly useful to those marine and coastal professionals who have a public engagement remit but whose main area of expertise is not in communication.

You can download the booklet and find out more about the workshops here.

Oceanology International 2008 Deadline Extension

The call for papers deadline for Oceanology International 2008 has been extended.

The conference: “Technology, Sustainability and the Oceans” is to be held 11th – 13th March 2008, at ExCel, London, UK.

For more details click here.

North Sea Prehistory Newsletters

MAG has been sent the latest North Sea Prehistory Newsletter to distribute among members. The compiler is seeking feedback so comments are welcome. North Sea Prehistory Newsletter No. 2.

MAG is also pleased to distribute the latest newsletter from the North Sea Palaeolandscapes Project. North Sea Palaeolandscapes Project Newsletter No. 2.

Please pass these on to any colleagues you think might be interested.


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